Schavan promises more money for students: “triad of student loans, grants and loans”

A national scholarship program through which this Wednesday the Cabinet will advise is to make it possible in future to encourage more students. When student loans, the required records be increased by FAZ information and raised the age limit for Master’s programs to 35 years.

The Federal Government will in future open up the possibility of a national scholarship program the universities to promote up to eight percent of their students. This emerges from a bill that will discuss the this Wednesday the Cabinet. Also, changes to the student loan law will be the subject of consultations. Both designs are the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung before exclusive.

So far, only two to three percent of the students are sponsored by grants, which are financed through state resources for the most part. In the long term, the proportion of fellows according to the will of the Federal Government is to grow to ten percent. The scholarship system should be accompanied by an increase in allowances and the required records in student loans. “Nobody will be without a quality education for financial reasons. This represents the triad of student loans, scholarships, and educational loans safely, “said Federal Education Minister Schavan (CDU) and pointed out that more school leavers should be encouraged in this way to invest in the highest possible quality education.

In the national scholarship program should scholarships in the amount of 300 euros will be awarded monthly income independently by the universities talent and performance. A funding from other grants, however, is excluded. At this level, the scholarship should remain free during qualifying student loans. The performance-based award is based not only on the notes but also to the obstacles that had to overcome a student, as well as on its social commitment.

Funds from business, foundations, and individuals

The funds for the scholarships are ever applied to half of the private and public funds, the public share of 150 euros will be borne equally by the federal and state governments. The basis for the scholarship program form means, institutions of higher education for the awarding of grants available to non-state actors (business, foundations, individuals). You will have no influence on the selection of fellows or even connect obligations for later employment relationship with the scholarship.

The private funding is through government in the ratio 1: 1st The universities should solicit private scholarship funds, forcing them into a strong network with its regional environment. The universities have the task of selecting the scholarship holders to pay the scholarships and to check whether the performance of the grantees justifies the continued payment of the scholarship during the authorized period beyond.

The scholarship duration is determined by each institution shall be based on the standard period of study in each subject. The scholarship can be taken abroad; at a higher change in the domestic it is one term continue to be paid (if long as or beyond granted). In promoting of nationwide 8 percent students in the final stage, the cost of scholarships for federal and state governments are each at about 150 million euros a year.

Student loans: Higher demand rates, raised the age limit

The new student loan scheme, the required records will be increased by two percent, adjusted social packages to the current social security contributions and asked the private pension qualifying freely through state-subsidized Riester pensions. The general age limit of 30 years for master degree programs is increased to 35 years.
Thus Bachelor graduates are given the opportunity to gain more experience, without losing their funding entitlement for a master’s degree. The compatibility of individual family and education planning should be facilitated. In the future, the age limit shifts at exactly the time, have brought their children to the trainees and only up to 30 hours per week were employed. For a first-time professional change of direction for cause within the first three semesters aid is granted with each owner of half of the grant and interest-free government loans for the entire duration of the relevant for the new course standard period of study in the future.